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A nice Poster made By:Terri Bilyeu with Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club in  Bend, Oregon

K9 Veterans Day ideas

  • It could be cold in March, so indoors could be best
  • Some will celebrate the Saturday just after 3/13, as March 13, 2008 is on a Thursday. But please do something on the 13th as well
  • Involve the Military if at all possible & Civil Air Patrol, 4 - H clubs, ROTC, American Legion, VFW, Police K9, Search and Rescue, FBI, Customs, Secret Service, etc.
  • Do demonstrations by working dogs
  • Have a Dog Parade, and decorate your local dog park
  • Speak to the schools about war dogs/ get the kids involved
  • Notify the press that the celebration is coming
  • Do something for the dog handlers in the Military here and abroad
  • Tell everyone you know about us
  • Involve local dog shelters etc., as some mix breeds were war dogs in WWII
  • Perhaps have something like a food drive for “dogs without homes”
  • Work on getting petitions signed, and decorate your signing site
  • Contact your Mayor and/or Governor about declaring March 13 K9 Veterans Day in a proclamation


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